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Petition for of Modification of Child Support


The issue of child support can be a difficult one to understand and even more difficult to handle on your own. Whether you are in the process of getting divorced, were previously divorced, need support for your child, or are having support requested from you, Caleb Petersen is here to help. Many parents need child support in order to help raise their child in the environment they deserve, but is difficult to know how much support is fair and necessary. Sometimes circumstances change and the amount of child support received by the custodial parent need to be modified. In either situation, you do not need to traverse this challenge alone. 

Many parents are not sure of the laws and forms required to handle cases regarding child support and have a difficult time with the emotional struggles and stress of the legal process. Whether you are requesting support or are in need of support our team is here to support you . The Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC has years of experience in family law and can help you follow the steps to get what you need and what is best for you child.