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Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)



Regardless of the situation, divorce can be a trying and difficult time for all of the parties involved and can leave you with many questions about your future. Whether it be questions regarding your children, spousal support, or what comes after the divorce the team at the Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC is here to help. 

The Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC understands the anxiety and suffering associated with divorce proceedings and works hard to help our client understand exactly what is happening throughout the process in a supportive and professional way. Our firm handles both contested divorce, in which the parties cannot agree on the issues surrounding the marriage, and uncontested divorce, in which both parties agree on how to dissolve the marriage, in a respectful and sensitive manor to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome. Please contact our office to get information on what steps to take if you are considering divorce or come in for a free in-person consultation with an attorney.