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Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC

The Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC provides skilled legal representation to clients throughout Missouri in a variety of complex litigation matters including fiduciary litigation, trust litigation, and family law. Representation includes the highly specialized areas of fiduciary litigation which routinely involves multi-million dollar estates and trusts. These cases include breach of fiduciary duties, trust litigation, trustee removal, will contests, power-of-attorney litigation and guardianships. We also routinely represent clients with estate administration after the death of a loved one.

Additionally, the Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC is devoted to providing legal assistance for individuals who are dealing with the difficulties that can be brought about by family law cases. The Law Office of Caleb A. Petersen, LLC understands that coping with divorces, child custody, or child support can be a stressful and emotional time. Our team works their hardest to support our clients during this process and work towards the best possible resolution in each case.

Regardless of the type of case, our team's focus is to provide each and every client with an exceptional legal experience and the confidence of knowing that their individual case was relentlessly pursued to achieve the best possible result. If you wish to speak with an attorney, please call or email today to schedule your free initial consultation.




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